Geodyna 960

Geodyna 960

Wheel Balancer geodyna® 960

The compact-size wheel balancer for wheels up to 70 kgs

Despite of its compact design the geodyna 960 features 2D SAPE where rim diameter and the distance rim/machine are entered automatically.

  • VPM measuring system with patented virtual plane measurement technique
  • Start of measuring run by closing of wheel guard, or pressing of START key
  • In ALU modes (ALU 2P and ALU 3P) relocation of weight position inside the rim with the gauge arm
  • Clamping of wheel on integrated flange with quick-clamping nut
  • Gauge arm with patented weight clamp for optimum placement of adhesive weights
  • Hidden weight mode (HSP)
  • QuickBal function for reduced cycle times
  • Weight tray with 8 weight compartments
  • Motor drive with V-belt for constant rotational speed during measuring run
  • Automatic braking of wheel after measurement
  • Pedal-operated main shaft lock
  • Matching mode
  • Optional accessory: SCA-I universal clamping adaptor

Product Features and Specifications

The VPM measuring system with patented virtual plane measurement technique ensures most accurate balancing results.
The gauge arm (Patented) is equipped with a weight clamp which retains the wheel weight in the correct position for weight placement. Consequently the weight is fitted simply and accurately.
Up to rim width 20", rim diameter 30" and wheel weight 70 kg
The conspicuous LE display presents pictorials which are easy to understand and hence very user friendly.

Technical data

Measuring speed (rpm) < 100
Accuracy 1g
Rim width 3 — 20"
Rim diameter 10— 30"
Max. wheel width 500 mm
Max. wheel diameter 900 mm
Max. wheel weight 70 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) with wheel guard open 1100 x 1050 x 1710 mm
Machine weight without adaptor 70 kg
Cycle time START - STOP App. 6 sec for a standard 15" wheel
App. 8 sec for a standard 18" wheel
Power supply 230 Volt, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz