Nitrogen Green Caps

Tires with green caps a re filled with nitrogen, instead of compresed air . Nitrogen iS a naturally occurring, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that makes up 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. The vast majority of tires a re filled with corr\pressed a ir. Nitrogen-filled tires are a recent development and are proving popular with consumers in climates that have large shifts in temperature during the course of the year.

Nitrogen-filled tires have green caps so thut everyone will be able to recognize that they are not filled with air. There a i e two major benefits to these tires: they reduce the rate nfas IOSS and they eliminate moisture within the tire. Nitrogen-flled tires are slightly moreexpens ve an nanda rd t res d ue to the cost of n trogen and the benefits the tire provides.

Tires filled with nitrogen retain the optimal pressure levels for longer than air filled tires. This creates a more even wear pattern in the tire and provides better gas mileage. Nitrogen molecules are fatter in shape than Oxgen molecules, and as a result, they have a lower leakage rate through the ti re walls.

Humidity is the level of moisture in the air. Moisture is held in oxygen molecules, so a tire with no oxygen, such as a nitrogen-filled tire, is not affected by humidity. This difference results in a more consistent tire pressure.

The fastest way to improve gas mileage extend tire life is tu ensure that tire pressure is checked regularly and is at the appropriatc levels. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Associations (NHTSA) reports than 60% of American motorists regularly check their air pressure. Nitrogen-filled wires retain their pressure level for longer, providing a lower maintenance product than standard tires.

Over time, the nitrogen levels will dec rcase, a nd more nitrogen will need to be added. Drivers can contact their local automotive or tire dealershi p to fill the tires with the correct gas. Filling the tire is usually a fee based service, with a flat rate per tire. The air pump nozzle is a different shape than the nitrogen pump, Th is is to ensure that tires with green caps a re not given oxygen in error.