Series Geodyna® 7100

Series Geodyna® 7100

Series Geodyna® 7100


  • Intuitive LED display
  • Semi-automatic input of rim diame-ter and offset with gauge arm
  • Manual input of rim width
  • Imbalance optimisation program
  • Imbalance minimisation program
  • Constant rotatitonal speed
  • QuickBal for reduced cycle time
  • Split weight mode
  • The pedal-operated mechanical lock firmly holds the wheel in every position


Vibratory System Technology VPM with integrated flange
Split Weight
Main Shaft Lock Mechanical
Minimisation Program
Optimisation Program
Data Entry — Diameter and offset Semi-automatic, gauge arm
Data Entry — Wheel width Manual
easyWeight NA
Rim Lighting NA
Display Type LED
Wheel Lift type Optional BW 2010
Wheel Lift Max. Load 70 kg


Vehicles supported Passenger car/Light truck/SUV/Off-road/ motorcycles (needs adaptors)
Measuring speed < 10Orpm
Balancing accuracy 1g
Angular resolution 0.7°
Start/Stop balancing time (wheel 195/65R15) 6s
Semi-automatic data entry SAPE)
Rim diameter 8-25 inch
Manual data entry
Rim diameter 8-32 inch
Offset 1-20 inch
Rim width 1-20 inch
Maximum wheel dimensions
Max. wheel diameter 960 mm
Wheel width range 76-508 mm
Max. wheel weight 70 kg
Diameter of shaft 40 mm
Length of shaft 225 mm
Power supply 230 V 1ph 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) Wheel guard open 1100x1005x1711mm
Net weight 70 kg


Hides adhesive weights behind two adjacent spokes so they cannot be seen from the outside


The 2D SAPE gauge arm features semi-automatic input of rim diameter and offset and facilitates positioning of adhesive weights

The patented Virtual Plane Image technique provides for an increased measurement accuracy